What Is Ultisquash?

Ultisquash is a combination of ultimate,
half-court basketball and hotbox

It's a fun, fast‐paced game played on a squash court. Score a point when you catch the disc while inside one of the services boxes. After a score or a turnover, clear the disc off the back wall. First team to seven points wins.

How To Play

The Rules of Ultisquash

These rules assume you know how to play ultimate

Play on a traditional squash court

The game was originally played on the old-style courts (today's doubles courts). On new courts, the larger service boxes may make scoring too easy. But if that's all you have, then make do.

Teams of 3, with equal gender ratio

Choose teams in advance, or flip for them to start the game (first 3 people to flip heads are on one team). You can play 2v2 or 4v4, but the former is very tiring and the latter feels too cramped.

Score by catching the disc in a service box

Like ultimate, your first point of contact with the floor after catching the disc must be inside the service box. The lines are out. Jumping off the wall is allowed.

Clear the disc after each score and turnover

The disc must be "cleared" off the back wall after each goal, each turnover, and at the start of the game. You can can clear the disc by touching the disc to the back wall or by catching a pass off the back wall.

Play to 7 points, win by 2, hard at 9

If your team has 7 points and the other team has 5 or less, you win. If they have 6, keep playing until one team is winning by 2. If any team gets to 9 points, they win regardless of other team's score.

Stall goes to 5

If you don't throw the disc within 5 seconds of catching it, it is a turnover. You cannot stall unless you are close enough to touch the thrower.

Physical play is generally acceptable

Boxing out, bodying up, close marks and other contact is allowed. There are no pick calls, but don't set picks on purpose. Only call a foul if it is egregious (e.g. really hard shoves, strips, hitting your hands as you catch the disc, etc)

All walls are inbounds

If the disc hits the walls or the ceiling, keep playing. You can throw it off the walls on purpose if you'd like. Hitting the floor, however, is a turnover.

Minor Rules

  • To decide who starts on O, one person picks up the disc and throws it toward an opponent. The recipient can try to catch the disc one-handed, or call "heads" or "tails" if the disc is not catchable. If the recipients catches the disc or guesses the side correctly, they start on O. Otherwise, the thrower starts on O. A two‐handed catch means the thrower gets the disc.
  • Play starts by checking the disc in at the T. The T is halfway between the services boxes, where the line that connects the service boxes meets the other line.
  • Play never stops. The scoring team maintains possession after a goal. Possession only changes on turnovers.
  • You will probably lose track of the score at some point. Only stop play to check the score if you are on offense. Otherwise you may be killing a scoring run, and that's not cool.
  • When you pick up the disc after a turnover, you must stand over the disc and set your pivot right on the spot where the disc is. You are not allowed to set the pivot away from the disc, then reach to pick it up.
  • Blades and diagonal cuts are the way to go ;-)